Shareq Rahman: Software Industry Veteran Finds a Diversification Strategy in Sport Clips

With profitable investment properties and a lucrative career as a program manager in Silicon Valley, Shareq Rahman has made quite a comfortable life. However, with inevitable and cyclical economic fluctuations, job security and real estate returns are not always a given. This reality led Rahman to look at further diversifying his revenue streams and holdings to create financial stability that withstands the ebbs and flows of the economy.

“Everything has a cycle. One of my revenue streams may be doing well but the other may be experiencing less return,” Rahman explains. “They are always in flux. This is why diversification of my investments became a priority.”

In his quest to lay the groundwork for achieving his long term financial investment goals, he turned his attention to the franchising business model. Rahman knows what it entails to build a business from the ground up. Having started, and subsequently sold, a software company, he knows how much hard work and risk is involved in such a venture.

With small children at home and a career he did not want to leave, Rahman was reluctant to making that type of financial and personal commitment again at this point in his life. With proven business models and array of support systems, franchising appealed to his desire to diversify while still allowing him to be present for his family the way he wanted.

He had two main criteria for his next entrepreneurial endeavor. First, Rahman did not want to leave his present job, so it had to be flexible. And the second was it had to be something that has demonstrated more recession resiliency than his other two revenue streams.

Rahman began looking into the various franchises available to him. Food service was quickly eliminated. He found it to have a lot of overhead and wrought with regulations. He narrowed his search down to two distinct industries: healthcare and haircutting. Once he started looking further into these top two industries, he soon found the Sport Clips Haircuts offering.

Rahman says, “The franchise was a good fit for what I was looking for. The semi-absentee business model is ideal for my current commitments and overall goals. The management structure of the business model aligned nicely with my experience.”

As he began to delve deeper into the company, he immediately found the Sport Clips to be approachable and responsive, two important traits to look for when establishing a business relationship. “I did not feel like just a number to them. There is a family-like, small company atmosphere at Sport Clips. I feel cared for and supported,” he states.

Knowing this was the business model to enable him to meet his goals, Rahman purchased an existing Sport Clips store in San Mateo, CA. While the store is profitable, Rahman saw an opportunity to do better. With an already existing client base, he is looking for ways to grow that base and finding more ways to further maximize profits.

Rahman says, “I am just a few weeks into ownership, and I am very satisfied with my investment. I have a lot of support and was able to hit the ground running. And I am having fun too!”

He goes on to say, “This was a good time in my life to do this. I had been toying with the idea of franchising for almost a decade. The time finally came where I had the means to do this and I was ready to try something new. The Sport Clips business model affords me the flexibility I need at this time in my life, but at the same time I am building a business and diversifying my assets.”

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