Paul Hogan: Team Leader in Upstate New York

A chance encounter on an airplane more than five years ago led Paul Hogan to Sport Clips Haircuts. Heading to a franchise meeting for a different brand, Hogan struck up a conversation with a fellow traveler. As it turned out, the fellow traveler was in franchise development for Sport Clips. After learning about the brand and its growth, Hogan became intrigued by the business model. He stepped off the plane and immediately began the process to become a franchisee.

“The brand got me right away,” Hogan says. “It is a unique concept. I was very impressed with everything I learned about Sport Clips, especially their marketing and leadership. I wanted to be a part of it.”

In 2013, Hogan and his business partner opened their first store in Albany, New York. Within three years, they opened four more and are looking to develop additional stores in the near future. “This market is underdeveloped and has a ton of opportunity. We are excited by all the possibilities to scale our business even more,” states Hogan.

However, their rapid growth did not come without any growing pains. Hogan explains, “Our first store took a little while to get off the ground. It was a learning process. We were not following the system as we should have. Once we opened our second store things improved. That is when we learned to trust the support systems available to us. And, once we got to the fourth and fifth stores, we had more flexibility in staffing, and landlords were wanting to work with us more and more. Things have really taken off from there.”

He goes on to say, “The system works, it is up to you follow it. Sport Clips’ national marketing is incredible. Brand recognition is high, even though this market is underdeveloped. They are always working on creative and innovative ways to advertise and we reap the benefits of that diligence.”

According to Hogan, another example of the excellent support systems is the Real Estate department. Hogan says the department is focused on finding optimal space to help set the store up for success rather than opening as many stores as possible.

With five successful stores in operation and a few more on the horizon, Hogan has some advice for other Team Leaders. “The main thing I wish I had done from the very beginning is make sure you are doing everything you should be doing inside your four walls,” Hogan says. “Follow the system, which leads to great client service, high quality haircuts, and a personal connection that transforms a haircut to a Championship Haircut Experience. While it is important to drive in lots of customers, if your store isn’t the best it can be, you are not going to keep them coming back. It will show in your metrics if you are following the system.”

With more than 50 Stylists in his employ, Hogan also has some tips on working with a team: “Make sure you hire a good crew and take care of them. It is also important to remember everyone is unique and so are their motivations. Look at everyone as an individual. It is as simple as following Sport Clips' core values: Treat people the way they want to be treated. It all falls into place from there.”

With the help of Sport Clips’ support systems and scalable business model, the brand is experiencing increasing momentum in the Upstate New York market. This emerging market is essentially untapped, presenting opportunities for Hogan and other Team Leaders who want to grow with a tested business model and established brand.

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