Sport Clips Ignite: Brenda Austin

Sport Clips Ignite Opening

Sport Clips is excited to announce team leader Brenda Austin’s new grand opening in Cheyenne, Wyoming. This is Brenda’s second opening, after her initial store opened in Gillette, Wyoming in 2014. It is her passion, energy, and dedication to the brand that allows her to succeed and branch out her business.

There is only one word to describe Brenda: remarkable. She shows tireless dedication and effort to help promote her brand. She employs strategic marketing plans to target specific areas in town. Not only that, she gets involved in the community. Before her recent opening, Brenda teamed with local high schools to promote their athletes. She took action shots of the athletes, with permission, and displayed them in her store before the grand opening. The store then held an autograph signing, where the athletes and their friends and families could all join in the fun.

Along with these types of community events, Brenda holds raffles to draw in new customers. One local promotion includes the BTC Buddy Cards. Customers are given buddy cards to hand out to their friends and family. When the customers refer new clients, the cards are thrown in a raffle. Customers have the opportunity to win a 65” Ultra Hi-Def flat screen TV. Not to leave the Sport Clips team out, the stylist whose name is on the card is also thrown in a raffle, where they can win customized Nike shoes.

Brenda is not just dedicated to promoting the Sport Clips brand, she is passionate about building a strong culture of excellence. She invests in her team, through continued training and incentives. Her stores harbor an atmosphere of positivity, where the employees are valued.

Brenda is one of many success stories at Sport Clips. We value hard-working entrepreneurs who want to push the boundaries of success. With our well-established brand, you can pursue your dreams of owning your own business. Call today to see how you can develop your own franchise.