Our Team Culture

Our Mission & Purpose at Sport Clips

Our team culture is part of what makes Sport Clips a unique salon franchise opportunity. We have worked hard to create uniformity between our stores; environments where customers feel comfortable and Team Members know they are all part of the same Team.

This is just part of living up to our Mission Statement:

To Create a Championship Haircut Experience for Men and Boys in an Exciting Sports Environment.

Heart of a Champion

At Sport Clips, we promote what we call the Heart of a Champion. These simple principles sum up how we deal with our Team Leaders, how we expect Team Leaders to interact with their Team, and how we expect our Team Members to interact with our Clients.

The three principles that make up the Heart of a Champion—a. Sport Clips Values—are:

Three key questions that guide our interactions with each other:

Community Outreach

We are passionate about giving back to our communities, including our United States veterans. One of our programs is Sport Clips’ Help a Hero. This campaign has raised more than $3 million to help deployed and hospitalized United States service members call home through the Veterans of Foreign Wars’ Operation Uplink.™

We have also provided hundreds of scholarships to active-duty service members and veterans through the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) “Sport Clips Help A Hero Scholarship” program. By providing scholarships for use at post-secondary schools, including trade schools, our goal is to make the transition from a military career to the civilian workforce a little easier.

Other programs we support that help our veterans include:

Promoting Our Team Mentality

At Sport Clips, we are purposeful in our efforts to ensure a team mentality. The table below explains some of the terms we use and the ways that we promote a team mentality within our brand.


Coach refers to Sport Clips’ trainers. The term Coach is used because it sets the expectation that the Coach and Team Members are partners in an ongoing professional learning relationship that is focused on a mutual goal: Providing a Championship Client Experience to each Client and the resulting success of our Team Members!

Our Support Team includes Business Coaches and Regional Coaches who support ADs, and Technical, Ops or Area Coaches who support Stores directly under the direction of a BD.

There may be three types of Coaches on an Area Developer’s Team:

  • Technical Coach
  • Operations Coach
  • Area Coach

Huddles refer to our conferences. We have three types of huddles:

  • National
  • Area Developer/Large Mulit-Unit TLs
  • Regional
MVP Experience

We treat every customer like an MVP with our exclusive and legendary MVP Experience! The MVP Experience includes:

  • MVP precision haircut
  • Legendary hot steamed towel wrap
  • Massaging shampoo
  • Relaxing neck and shoulder treatment
Sport Clips University (SCU)

Sport Clips University (SCU) is our online learning center that contains a variety of self-paced courses to assist in the learning process.

Team Members (TM)

The term Team Member refers to everyone who is on the Sport Clips Team, at the Support Center, on the AD’s Team, or in the Stores. We do not use the term “employees” or “staff,” because we are all focused on achieving our Mission and Goals. We are all members of the same Team.

Team Leader (TL)

A Sport Clips Franchisee

Team Leaders (TLs) serve as role models, cheerleaders and coaches for their Store Managers as well as their entire Teams, providing leadership, guidance, information, and support as they work together to achieve their common goals.

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