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Why the Hair Cutting Industry?

The hair cutting industry continues to grow with the population and is considered by many to be recession resistant. (Our experience the past few years validates that.) Sport Clips is dedicated to growing our same store sales faster than the industry norms, achieving a disproportionate market share in each market we enter. Franchising within this industry is a strong decision, and one that you can feel good about. Sport Clips offers an exciting hair care franchise opportunity to entrepreneurs in the United States and Canada and we cater to the men and boys segment, a (very large) niche within the larger hair cutting market.

Look at the facts:

Why Men’s Hair Care?

Sport Clips focuses on a well-defined niche in the hair cutting industry: providing a hair cutting experience designed specifically for men and boys. We create an environment men enjoy and look forward to.

There are many reasons why men’s hair care is a great industry to go into:

Sport Clips Differentiator in the Hair Cutting Industry

In the early 90s, there were numerous salon chains marketing to the broad audience, the “family haircutter”, but none were targeting the men’s and boys’ haircut market. Barbershops had been declining in number for many years, and men and boys were being left by the wayside as their favorite barbers closed up shop.

Men’s and boys’ hair care is a large niche with very little direct competition, and delivery of the service is fairly simple to execute. In June of 1993, Gordon Logan opened the prototype Sport Clips store in Austin, Texas with cash flow from his then-existing full service salon business, focusing on providing men’s and boys’ hair care in a comfortable, quick, and easy, sports-themed environment.

Sport Clips utilizes a more streamlined system. It’s easier to train stylists for men’s haircuts, unlike other concepts that deal with more types of training, such as chemical and color work in addition to staying on top of women's haircut trends. Clients receive a haircut from stylists who specialize in men’s and boys’ hair care and who have all completed training in the Sport Clips All Star haircutting system. Ultimately, success in any industry comes from giving the type of customer experience your ideal customers want.

Get Started Today. Learn About Our Hair Care Franchise Opportunity!

Sport Clips has a target niche that allows us to really focus in on the experience that our ideal customers—men and boys—want. We don't have to try to be everything to everyone. Learn more about this exciting industry! Call our office at (800) 655-9679!

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While Sport Clips is focused on providing men’s and boys’ hair care, we do not refuse service to anyone, including girls and women who request simple haircuts.

Our MVP Experience

One of key differentiators of Sport Clips is the MVP experience we provide to our clients. We don’t stop after delivering a precision MVP haircut—the MVP experience also includes a hot steamed towel, refreshing tea tree shampoo and leave-in conditioner, and a soothing neck and shoulder treatment.

This unique experience can only be found at Sport Clips, making it a real game changer for men and boys who want to feel like a true MVP when they come in to get their hair cut. With all the other competitive advantages Sport Clips provides, the MVP experience puts you in place to hit a home run! Try it and you will be hooked.

Team Leader Testimonials

  • “The level of commitment from the franchisor to support the success of franchisees seemed to be second to none.”

    Nebraska (5 stores)

  • “What attracted me to Sport Clips was the commitment to training and the ability to have my Teams committed to referral marketing. Great client experience sets up referral marketing.”


  • “I have kids involved in sports and I like to coach their teams and watch the games. Sport Clips allows me to do that.”

    Arkansas (11 stores)

  • “The Sport Clips business model is a proven one and they give you the training and support new business owners (like us) can use to set us up for success.”


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